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Reconsidering the mobility
paradigm of the cities
of the third millennium

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Due to the facts that the ten-year plan for the renewal of the bus fleet is nuanced, Italy now needs to rethink the funding model. The current one, and this is a shared thinking, is inadequate and ancient: as the offer. Our country, in fact, has the Europe's oldest fleet and turnover is slower than in the other countries. In 2014, 1.500 buses were sold, which is less than a third of those needed. The market for 'minibus' fell below the 600 units and the one of the school buses seems defenitly extinguished. Despite the growing demand for transport, the country has pulled the brake without using this historic opportunity. Are the unique regional call for the service that characterize this 2015, adequate formula?


Now it is necessary to outline some priorities. Technology and applied research are the only alternative to a difficult situation. Bustech is born and developed for this reason: a showcase focused on the technology of transportation, moving along an urban circuit whose stops are called "eco-friendly", "technology", "innovation", "research" and "future." By what means of transportation will we make this trip? By bus, of course.


BUStech is a platform able to provide a distillation of the best technologies available today and re-launch their offer with a dedicated focus to the systems being tested. Institutions, transport companies and the industry are now required to make a system and open a table of consultation  with the objective of outlining the horizons of the future mobility.


BUStech will bring together leading manufacturers of buses and components, and within two days of Citytech, you will be able to draw on a blank sheet the networks of tomorrow. An open discussion will bring together around a "table" manufacturers, transport companies and institutions.


As in the tradition of Citytech, within a day BUStech will deliver the microphone and the stage to the transport companies that will have the opportunity to tell their own field experience. In a period of  resource scarcity and rising costs of management, many realities, which can diversify and offer a detailed proposal, are emerging on the market.


The case history will be told directly by the protagonists and it will catalyze the attention of both the vehicle manufacturers and the institutions. Specifically, companies have access to the conference sessions that will present  their technologies and their vision of mobility. This is a real first national, where the world's leading manufacturers will exhibit showcase the present and the future of LPT and present it to an audience made up of transport companies and local and national institutions.



The bus is an "urban animal" that cannot be confined within a hall. For this reason, BUStech is located in the heart of the city with a space open to citizenship.